Rose quartz and Serenity

A poem to end the year.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 3.59.32 PM.png

Taken during my Krabi trip, leaving from Railway beach back to Aonang

Gentle tides, silent tempest
The passing of seasons
Of troubled nights of breathless cries
Of kindred spirits rising above fear and lies

To face one’s deepest denial
Before the soul could embrace
Light that was blinded
Taken for granted

And the song is learned
This too shall pass
Dawn shall come


I have arrived at the edge of another seemingly frantic year.

This year has been effortlessly bleak, how many times do we need to hear or see the media playing this narrative ‘just as we thought could 2016 get any worse…” Of course, right here in Malaysia, we are bracing everyday life struggles which are nowehere comparable to attrocities unfolding elsewhere. I mean, I still have the luxury of typing out this reflective piece…

To be honest, all’s well. My heart breathes in gratitude. Counting my blessings is on loop each year, especially for the meaningful relationships that were built and tiny yet significant milestones.

If there is a colour palette to convey 2016, I am surprised to say it actually is the Pantone colours of 2016 – Rose quartz and Serenity. Tender beauty that wears the charm of subtle strength and persuasion.


I came to a conclusion just last week regarding my state of mind. I was reflecting upon the fact that I am going to be 26 next year and the correlation between my physical age and maturity.

I am still a sucker for control who has yet to master the skill of embracing stress tests in life. My biggest apperception this year would be to awaken a certain level of mindfulness.  When one admits, one confesses and one grows.

I believe change is an agent. I made a big career decision not too long ago, right before I leave my quarter life behind, in hope that it could propel the passion of youth in me forward.

I knew I procrastinate too much for my own good and all that matters is action.
The irony is that I managed to achieve certain new heights on impulse throughout this 2016 – Fitness, financial, artistic, hair and travel goals. So yes, kudos to some effort, I have not lived my 25th year in vain.

What’s next for 2017? To challenge and conquer my existing mental habits. With the right mentality as my foundation and with mindfulness put into practice, I am excited to see how much growth there is to come.


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