Cherish, Create, Cultivate

2017-05-10 08.33.36 1.jpg

Her heartbeat throbs with too much fear disguised in pain
Her silent cries are subdued by a façade of pretense
Yet Truth awaits
Perhaps she was waiting
For the moment it tumbles and breaks
Till lies can no longer hide
And what she finds beneath is Courage

That she was never lost
Just a child wandering for too long
With memories that bound her
And nights that haunted her

She knew the answer all along
She knew that the key is with her
For she is blessed and worthy
And the Light is within

With this she took her step
To acknowledge
To simplify
To accept
To leave
To reach out to a door she once thought
Was far beyond her reach

Against the wind is where she will be
And she found 3 words to define her journey

Cherish, Create, Cultivate

Cherish everything
Simple yet profound way of life
And never take it all for granted

Create beauty & value
The Creation is made to create
To share with the world her Passion that burns within

Cultivate herself and others
A never ending journey of growth and learning
To live with a Mission for her Vision

P.S. Thank you, for loving me and caring for me. For being patient with me on this journey, who wants the best for me and believe in me when I don’t. I appreciate all of you, even though I may have been silent for the past few months. I am blessed to have you in my life and I want to let you know I love you very much too.


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