About Fel

Hello there!

Disclaimer: Bear with me for my lack of eloquence. Guilty am I, who enjoys creating a mirage of Fel-be-like.

Unabashedly professing to be of an artistic species, Malaysian, if not an extraordinary adventurer of the mundane.

This blog is the manifestation of closet artistic aspirations – diction, photography and music written, captured and chosen by myself (otherwise credited); for solace, for unwinding, for ego boosting and for sheer pleasure.

I tend to express myself in a semi-surrealist, poetic manner. For example, my Instagram profile introduction states:

Diction seeping through fading reverie. Gymnopédies echo Murakami 海阔天空不仅是诗意,而是意境还原

What it means is:
I convert my artistic epiphany into words. I love the 3 Gymnopédie pieces by Erik Sate (classical piano music), and I absolutely adore Haruki Murakami’s works. In Mandarin, serenity (direct translation: wide ocean & skies) is beyond a poetic expression but returning to a default state of mind.

Do follow me on my Instagram if you would like to catch a glimpse of my fragmented reality. Or get some whimsical inspiration from my Pinterest boards.

Some form of interaction on this blog wouldn’t harm too. (Say hello through the comments segment)

To conclude, this simple introduction is but a romantic manifestation of my narcissism.
Also, felthroughtheskies = free falling through infinite creativity

Yours sincerely,




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